Youre just jealous because ive been chatting online

But his insane jealousy is going to tear us apart unless something changes.

Youre just jealous because ive been chatting online

PM brandnewwifey, your situation sounds very much like mine. My cycles have always been fine I think it was triggered by a miscarriage that I had 4 years ago. My cycles became irregular and gradually over time I started spotting more and more. At the worst point I was spotting for 5 days before my af and 14 days after.

I went to the drs over and over again telling them there was something wrong with my cycles and I was concerned. I was repeatedly asked if my smear was up-to-date and when I confirmed it was, I was sent for std tests. I have been tested for various stds even though I have been in a faithful relationship for the past 8 years on 4 occasions what a waste of money and they always come back negative.

The dr kept telling me not to worry and that everything was fine and it was obviously "just something your body does and is completely normal". These completely "normal" cycles coincided with 3 years of unexplained infertility!

I was and still am so angry with the dr for not taking it seriously and nipping it all in the bud early on.

It would have saved me years of heartbreak and upset and stress. I think part of it stems from the fact that I look a lot younger than I am and she always seemed to talk to me as if I was a silly little girl trying to play adult.

On one occasion she told me I was too young to consider having a baby at age 28!

Youre just jealous because ive been chatting online

Anyway, after the 4th time of being told it was all normal, even though I was spotting for 19 days of each cycle, I decided to start acupuncture. Within a month of starting, the spotting had reduced from 5 days before and 14 days after my af to 2 days before and 2 days after, and it continued to improve consistently from then onwards.

My cycles became more regular and everything started going back to normal. On top of that, I changed drs and my new dr referred us to a local hospital where I was tested for everything!

I was eventually diagnosed with endometriosis on one ovary and a possible blocked tube. We were referred for IVF which failed but weirdly enough, my cycles went completely back to normal after that first round It seems like the fertility drugs kind of reset my whole system of something. Anyway, 3 months after that failed round, plus my first acupuncture sessions dealing just with the endometriosis, I fell pregnant naturally.

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It has taken 4 years, many arguments with drs and much heartbreak but I am now almost 3 months pregnant. Please change drs if you feel that your dr is letting you down plus I am a definite advocate for acupuncture.

I just hope that this is my happy ending. It is hard because I feel like it is going to be taken away from me at any moment. I am just praying each day that my little miracle hangs on in there. I really wish everybody on here the very best of luck because we all deserve it.Me and my girlfriend have been together for like 3 years but it's been a off and on relationship i'm madly in love with her and i think she does also because i was going break up with her this one time and she started to cry, telling me that i was just messing with her head and that she want's to have my babies and us to get married,and even.

You're Mad Jealous. you’re not." So if you've been pals for a while, and you made out the other night, and now you're wondering if you're more than friends, assume nothing and speak up.

yeah well my boyfriend is overseas now and he keeps saying he doesn’t trust me because he’s scared I’ll cheat again by i don’t know what else to do I’ve tried my best I’ve tried to . You’re not saying “I like you so very much and all I want is for you to pleeease stay with me”, you’re saying “I like you because you do/are this, and I’d like to keep you in my life.” First of all, your mindset has to shift from “wanting to become part of somebody else’s life” to .

I’ve been going through a bit of down period that I realized yesterday was really my own doing. I had ideas but not the confidence to persue them.

So I would talk about the ideas and wait for someone else to make them happen because I didn’t have the confidence to step out. Want to make your ex jealous?

Then you’re in the right place. I’ve been doing this for a very long time. He probably is trying to make you jealous because he still has feelings or he’s just possessive and he wanted to get back at you when you posted jealousy pics.


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