The facts that prove terrorism is now part of the modern world acting as the scourge of society

A Modern Scourge Terrorism has become a part of modern life.

The facts that prove terrorism is now part of the modern world acting as the scourge of society

California year-old girl quizzed over threats to Bush she posted on MySpace page Am I in a lot of trouble? Julia Wilson said the agents threatened her by saying she could be sent to juvenile hall for making the threat. What does this tell you about our media that this "odd coincidence" is not even mentioned, let alone a scandal that everyone knows about?

Why has no Congressman or Senator or even "The Decider" mentioned this? Well, most of these people are part of Bush's war team, and anyhow positioning the public mind for the Iraq War started way back inwith plans to seize Middle East oil going back decades.

The facts that prove terrorism is now part of the modern world acting as the scourge of society

On the other hand, even if seen as an "inside job", Sept 11 should not really be called a secret conspiracy, per se, because the plans for it were published fairly openly, prior to the event. But I have since verified that at least some top Neo-cons worked for the Trilateralists, the Liberal Establishment.

The facts that prove terrorism is now part of the modern world acting as the scourge of society

Richard Perle was a member of that liberal clique too, the Trilateral Commission. Neo-Conservatives had a blueprint for urgent and imperative War in the Middle East and the overthrow of Saddam, as quickly as possible.

Many people now know that this National Policy and Wolfowitz Doctrine was the written into Bush National Security policy, long before Iraq was given a chance to prove they had disarmed afterdowningstreet. It was official policy on the day Bush took office, solidified before Bush was elected, germinating since and before when PNAC was formed and started badgering Clinton on Iraq, even going back to when Bush Sr.

The moment Bush was picked as the leading Republican candidate and the "liberal" media started fawning over him and complaining about Gore's suits and Gore's lying, the PNAC policy was fully operative.

Anyone bothering to read the PNAC blueprint now on www. Sept 11 was every bit as much a part of the core National Policy as the "War on Terror", because an attack on America was claimed by them to be a necessary pre-cursor event for the rest of National Policy wars to commence. They said they needed one for the other.

I do concede to one conscious secret conspiracy: The "Iraqi National Congress" opposition party was created by an 'ad agency', like "Ronald McDonald" was created to represent a hamburger chain.

Awash in cash, the agency hires the Rendon Group to influence global political opinion on matters related to Iraq. The company begins supplying British journalists with misinformation which then shows up in the London press. In some cases, these stories are later picked up by the American press, in violation of laws prohibiting domestic propaganda.

Later, Brooks and his family moves into a Georgetown townhouse with Chalabi and lives there for free. Brooks advocates removing Saddam "even if it means killing every Iraqi", because his Christian beliefs tell him that Saddam is "evil".

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Chossudovsky cites evidence this continued throughout the 90's under Clinton, and into Bush's term, including July and even October Also note, this is a global phenomenon, not just Bush, not just America.

All major and minor countries are on the same page, with their pre-planned "domestic security" measures. It's a global "war on terror", much bigger than Mr. Even the Pat Buchanan-linked Antiwar. Today there is ample evidence that, when it comes to the freedom of women, education levels, governmental services, relations among different ethnic groups, and quality of life — all were infinitely better under the Afghan communists than under the Taliban or the present government of President Hamid Karzai, which evidently controls little beyond the country's capital, Kabul.

These experts and others wrote of their long-standing agenda to reverse "Vietnam Syndrome" a social "sickness" characterized by distrust of authority, aversion to war, death, murder, maimingto repress democratic institutions and reduce prosperity, to create economic crises, to sideline actual democracy locally and globally in gradual steps, to build more internal "security" and militarizationto implement a more effective Class War gap btw wealth and poverty expected to widen dramatically, chaos and drugs going epidemicand to roll out Imperial Global Warfare.

In other words, to turn the world into more of a global prison labor camp like much of the Third World, under corp state-capitalist control.

Selectively dehumanizing of "the enemy" - including domestic populations - is a key propaganda tactic. But a democratic society would never willingly accept such sacrifices -- so wrote Brzezinski -- at least not without plausible justification and distraction.

Pimpin' for Terrorism Zbig Brz had bragged in about setting up " Al-Qaeda " back inbefore the Soviet invasion. What if some house-liberal like Michael Moore had a pro-terrorism movie or quote? Would you hear about it? Top Dems are 'with' them: Barnett stated that China was one miltary target in meetings that came before Sept Now it's more a matter of playing chess with China over oil.terrorism terrorism terrorism terrorism terrorism terrorism terrorism in antiquity and the French Revolution and Tsarist Russia to and anti-colonialism and protest and separatism.

Today’s events and something of the future are only really understandable if one looks back now and then. Although the term terrorism has been around since the French Revolution and it has been used to describe a variety of differing activities over the past two hundred years, modern terrorism is a new phenomenon.

It requires supporting systems from the technological world. First, to be effective, terrorism must be seen and heard.

I recently stumbled across this amusing little article comparing scenarios taking place in the s and now. T. Go Home. Bizarre. All Bizarre; Creepy; Mysteries; Weird Stuff; 10 Fascinating Facts About A Corpse That Helped The Allies Win World War II 8 Differences Between the s and Now.

Jamie Frater October 26, Share 3K. These pro-terrorism anti-terrorism experts were aggressive in the push for a Middle East War since the mid 's and before, and they are architects of our foreign policy now.

Neo-Con policy proposals were copied-and-pasted into U.S. National Security Doctrine. Terrorism: A Modern Scourge Terrorism has become a part of modern life. Hijackings, bombings, and assassinations on different continents of the world may seem like isolated attacks, but they reflect an easy reliance on violence as a way to promote social, political, and religious change.

Although terrorism is a centuries-old scourge, it has adapted itself to our new, globalized world. Al-Qaida exemplifies how terrorist networks have twisted the benefits and conveniences of our increasingly open, integrated, and modernized world to serve their destructive agenda.

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