Sitxhrm402 lead and manage people

This unit contains employability skills. Evidence Required List the assessment methods to be used and the context and resources required for assessment.

Sitxhrm402 lead and manage people

And professors raised bar. However, after knowing this site. I was so happy in that they usually deal with all of my things i had to do. This expert was so nice and super professional. They are so professional and communicative with me.

They wanna finish their job as best as they can. Even though i just want my homework done, solution i was given was so high quality. I really hope i can use this site again in someday when i am in the busy day. Solutions Problem 1 Manager must have to watch whether all the appliances are working properly or not.

In the case study, the EFTPOS is not working properly and as a manager, I have to apologize to the customers and suggest them alternative method for paying their case like e-wallet if they want to pay online or ask them for paying their cash thorough cash.

Moreover, all the appliances in the kitchen must be checked properly so that employee will never get hurt with those equipments. In case of improper seafood items, I will improve the inventory management and keep sufficient stock of food before placing new order for the raw materials.

Application of the Unit

Problem 2 Appearance matters a lot in the office premises and every employee should take care of their health. Julia is suffering from dermatitis and she said that this is not contagious; however, customers avoid Julia.

Sitxhrm402 lead and manage people

As a manager, I would suggest her to take proper remedies for her disease. If possible, I would allow her to take sick leave or recommend her to use full sleeves dress until she recovers. Introducing ice cream in the menu surely enhances their sale but selling ice creams to the holidaymakers in wet clothes may affect their health.

However, I will appreciate her for the concern and think about introducing ice cream to the dessert menu for afternoon menu or evening snacks. I would suggest them to increase their patience and behave with each client with proper etiquettes.

It is better to provide them a chance before taking strict action against them. Problem 5 As a manager, I would ask if she was facing some family issues and asked her to solve the difficulty as soon as possible.

As employees are the vital member of the organization, I will provide some financial health to her so that she can overcome her difficulty. However, I will also make her realize the loss the organization has to suffer from her activities so she will take care for committing those mistakes in future.

Problem 6 Effective leaders must understand their employees, not as their subordinated, but they also treat them as a crucial asset to the organization.

Moreover, if the organization decides to recruit new employees by reducing the shift time of the older ones, I would rather consult with higher authorities to mitigate the solution by providing some financial benefits like money loans.

Problem 7 Effective communication is a fundamental prerequisite and is valued by every member of the organization. As a manager, I will initiate an office gathering at a regular interval of time where employee share their experience so that each one them get to know each other better and behaves ethically in the workplace.

Moreover, I will suggest Angelo to make their junior clear about the work they are providing them and then attend other work like phone calls. Thus, I would suggest them to keep their tips to themselves and if someone desires to make more tips, they may work hard to make their customer happy with their behavior and services.

Problem 9 I will take Larry aside and ask if he is aware of the dress code and still proceed to dress inappropriately; a disciplinary procedure should be considered. Moreover, Larry asks for an increase in his payment to purchase new clothing and shoes.

I will then assess whether his need is genuine or not and if it is I will surely welcome his demand; otherwise, I will politely ask Larry that behavior is not an acceptable has to dress properly. In addition to that, salary will be increased based on their performance.


Problem 10 I will appreciate Nadia for her approach and ability to handle customer according to their needs. In the group meeting, I will appraise her in front of everyone so that everyone can learn proper business etiquettes. It is also my responsibility to consider this matter for providing her proper recognition and better career opportunity.The 5 Steps of Planning.

Planning can be straightforward with the process of planning generally summarised in 5 steps which can be adapted to suit any planning activity at any level of an organisation.. The 5 steps of the planning process are. SITXHRM Lead and manage people. All AET Assessment Tools: include instructions for students; include instructions for assessors; have comprehensive checklists for all practical assessments; Include sample answers for all questions; are mapped to the full Unit of Competency;.

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Lead and manage people (Release 1) (SUPERSEDED BY SITXHRM)

Barriers to Delegation. Barriers to delegation can happen because of the supervisor or manager, or the work colleague. An autocratic (or authoritarian) leader will find it almost impossible to delegate because they have a need to control every aspect of the work.

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