Reaction paper on leadership

He provides tools for improving trust that have a measurable economic impact on any organization. He also dives into how building a culture of accountability can have game changing effects and drive a team to achieve more than they ever expected to.

Reaction paper on leadership

Will explain the basics behind the theory, the way it explains the approach and avoid responses, and how you can use it to decrease the threats and increase the sense of reward when collaborating with others.

Status — the relative importance to others.

Reaction paper on leadership

Certainty — the ability to predict future. Autonomy — the sense of control over events. Relatedness — the sense of safety with others. Fairness — the perception of fair exchanges.

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The basic premise of the SCARF model is the assumption the brain makes us behave in certain ways, which are to minimize threats and maximize rewards. While the brain takes a threat and reward approach to primary needs, such as food and water, the theory argues this same also happens with social needs.

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In essence, a positive emotion or reward creates a stimulus making people act, whereas a negative emotion or punishment causes a threat stimulus, which leads to avoidance. The aim of the SCARF model is therefore interaction with people in a way that minimizes the threats and maximizes the rewards in relation to the five key areas mentioned above.

Understanding of the approach-avoid response can help improve collaborations and help influence the way people behave. Let Arthur teach you on how the brain works. Several studies on the brain have shown how the human brain is focused on minimizing danger and maximizing reward.

Reaction paper on leadership

This refers to the approach-avoid response. The approach-avoid response developed as an evolutionary response and has largely helped humans to stay alive.

The most commonly used example is how the memory of foraging disgusting tasting food poisonous resulted in humans avoiding it. On the other hand, tastier berries, which left humans feeling good, were eaten regularly. Brain scanning has shown the human brain is socially tuned and social threats and rewards drive our behavior.

In fact, a study by the University of Michigan Medical School highlighted how social pain, such as rejection from a group, causes the same regions of the brain to light up as would in the event of physical pain.

All the stimulus to the brain goes through the different parts of the brain. It first goes to the primary part of the brain before travelling to the more advanced areas neo-cortex.

Learn more about how the brain works. In fact, the part of the limbic system, which is tuned into threats, the amygdala, creates the first emotional reaction. This often results in highly emotional response to situations the person perceives as a threat. This means the reactions are automatic and quick; in essence, reflexes.

All of the above means the approach a person unconsciously goes for can have a big impact on performance and behavior. The approach-avoid response has implications across social life, since we only need to unconsciously perceive a threat to respond with a negative emotion.

Furthermore, this impacts the work situation as well, which is why the SCARF model can help managers achieve the best results.Righteous leaders are rare and seemingly belong to a class of their own. But when is a leader a righteous leader? What makes one virtuous?

A lot of people have already listed traits that make up a good leader and the article provided was just one of them. A reaction or response paper requires the writer to analyze a text, then develop commentary related to it.

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