D j a clines article theme in genesis

New interpretations of narrative and law are constantly being proposed in journal articles, and large tomes keep appearing which challenge or reaffirm conventional hypotheses about the composition of the Pentateuch.

D j a clines article theme in genesis

Yes, the book of Genesis contains profoundly more information than just the beginning. Genesis contains the beginning of many things.

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The world, the beginning of time, the beginning of man, the beginning of God and how He deals with His creation on a large scale and on significantly smaller scale.

Genesis marks the beginning of redemption and salvation. From the first man to the first nation called by God, God is depicted as one who loves and protects those He calls His own.

Yet, probably one of the most simplistic yet profound statements in the Bible is the one found at the beginning of the Bible, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth". The psalmist, the prophets, and the apostle have affirmed this simple yet magnificent verse.

Although, it is the subject of much debate. The Bible assumes and never argues the existence of God. Although everything made, at one time had a beginning, God has always been. The vastness and enormity of this one statement is equaled by no other for it assumes and states many things concerning the greatness and truth of God.

First assumption being the existence of God; for it is said that He, which was in the beginning, is the one who creates something from nothing. The very sentences, "in the beginning God created," asserts the beginning of things and time.

While it is understood that there is no empirical proof of the existence of God but creation itself, and belief in such a theory is based on faith alone. One can not argue the probability of a higher being possibly being responsible for such a complex and magnificent design.

Proof of the designer is in the design itself. It would require more faith to assume creation just happened, then to believe God created it. In looking for a rational explanation as to how things came to be, assuming for a moment the big bang theory to be correct, the question still arises, who was responsible for setting such actions into motion?

The answer would have to be God. His existence is based solely on the statement that at the beginning of creation, at some undisclosed period of time, or more correctly, at the beginning of time as one would measure time, God was already there.

God is before all things, and as nothing comes from nothing unless created, one must conclude that God Himself must have always been. The beginning of things, naturally is contingent on something being before and eternal.

Even if the Bible and the verses contained within were not a factor in determining the existence of God and the eternalness of God, the reality of God is evident, and creation screams her testimony concerning her creator.

It also implies His omnipotence, for He creates a complex system, a vast universe, a human race, perfect and complete by His very word, which indicates He is a being of infinite wisdom, power and absolute intellect.

D j a clines article theme in genesis

God creating is the omnipotent act of giving existence to things that did not exist. The wisdom, power, strength and ability to hang the earth into nothing, can only be accomplished with power beyond all human understanding. Behold, Thou hast made the heavens and the earth by Thy great power and by Thine outstretched arm!

Nothing is too difficult for Thee". God has the power to control the sun and the moon. He is able to manipulate and manage the rotation of the earth giving seasons to the earth. His very hands have the power to raise mountains and hold the ocean at bay for He alone set the boundaries that even the sea does not dare to cross.

No other matches the unfathomable power and strength held by the one who is in the beginning.

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Verse two of Genesis is equally filled with a wealth of information, that to the untrained eye could easily be missed leaving the reader to ponder certain truths concerning God, Satan, creation and much more. While filled with an immense amount of information that was, by no means dealt with to the fullest measure above, it is for all intensive purposes a statement of fact.

No details other than these facts are given at this point, for the most pertinent information is given; in the beginning God alone was there, and He alone is responsible for the vast creation called earth.

The Eastern culture in writing places the important information first.Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament in the Bible, is so named because it opens with an account of the creation of the world. The first 11 chapters, which are heavily indebted to Mesopotamian tradition, trace the gradual expansion of humankind and the development of human culture.

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TYNDALE OLD TESTAMENT LECTURE, THE IMA GE OF GOD IN MAN By D. J. A. CLINES The Old Testament references to the doctrine of the image of God in man are tantalizing in their brevity and scarcity; we find only the fundamental sentence in Genesis Let us make men in our image after our likeness', a further reference to man's creation 'in.

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