Corn maze business plan

Fall is a great time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and, in most parts of the country, the beautiful fall colors nature gives us before the gray days of winter. A corn maze is quite literally, a group of paths through a field of corn with a specified starting and completion point s. Why go to the trouble?

Corn maze business plan

Every fall they spring up, beckoning to drivers from the roadside with hand-painted signs, big inflatable slides and the promise of a pumpkin patch or petting zoo to boot. For customers, corn mazes are a lark.

Herbst built his first one in with the help of a few friends on leased land.

corn maze business plan

For small farmers especially, it can be crucial supplemental income. In fact, corn mazes have become such a popular supplemental income option for farmers that there are now several businesses that exist solely to help farmers build and run mazes.

Those who want to go it on their own can buy software to help them plan theirs. Workers have blueprints of the map and stake flags throughout the field, following the course to the flags. A person cutting a maze solo may toil for a week; with help it could be just a day.

He started running corn mazes on his farm inand is entering his ninth season.

The 10-Acre Corn Maze

His mazes have been cut in the shapes of Scooby Doo, a battleship, and yes, Johnny Cash, to mark the year of his death. They sell them at a small market they run at the farm, but the list of additional activities they host in order to make money is vast.

The event was extremely popular, Hawes said. Why would a farmer go through all the trouble of cooking up zombie hunts? She has been helping to run a corn maze on the family farm for five years now.

corn maze business plan

They also hired a corn maze design company, called Corn Mazes America. The maze is tricked out with QR codes so that customers can play agriculture trivia as they traverse the 5-acre, 2-mile affair.

Pleasing massive crowds and dreaming up advertisements is not an issue for Timothy Reinbott, superintendent of the University of Missouri Bradford Research and Extension Center. Every year he builds a corn maze for the university as part of his work at the research farm. Then Kent Shannon, a natural resource engineering specialist at the university, generates a set of coordinates based on the design and plugs them into a GPS device.

There have been mishaps — Reinbott once got lost in his maze with a crowd of kids.

Family Friendly Activities

Everyone emerged unscathed in the end. Building in a research environment means that Reinbott has learned a thing or two about building the perfect corn maze.

His number one tip? Use long-maturing corn so the stalks stay green as long as possible. Reinbott plants day corn in late June or early July to ensure his maze stays a brilliant green as long as possible. Sadly, his favorite corn seed is no longer on the market.Get lost in the UNICORNS at The Maryland Corn Maze in Gambrills-then stay & play on the Farm!

Make butter, go on a hayride, visit the petting zoo, buy a pumpkin Plan to visit our food vendors at The Maryland Corn Maze in Gambrills!

Add a footnote if this applies to your business. Corn Maze. Find your way through this year's a-maize-ing design. Are you a maze pro or will you just be corn-fused? Get Lost; Plan your next scouting event, family reunion, birthday party, or corporate retreat admist all of the farm-tastic fun at Bob's Corn.

book yours today. Corn grown is majorly of three types · Grain or field corn, · Sweet corn used mainly as food · Popcorn. There are four types of Grain corn: (1) Dent corn has a pronounced depression or dent at the crown of the kernels. Documents Similar To Maize Business Plan.

Feasibility Study on Cassava Production in Nigeria. Uploaded by. Tolulope 3/5(4). Growing our Generation: Pumpkins, corn mazes and business plans Leave a Comment Levi and Kryisti Morrow of Morgan County are editors of the April 10 Growing our Generation e-newsletter, featuring insights and ideas directly from Ohio’s young farmers and food and agricultural professionals.

maize business plan Prepared By- Manish Chaurasiya (), Pritam Singh (), S Sarath (), Sandeep S Ramteke (), Saurabh Paul (), Vaibhav Rai () INTRODUCTION3/5(4). Through business coaching, a comprehensive maze manual we are there to help you every step of the way to making your business a success!

We believe in the design and the fun of the corn maze, and specifically design our mazes to be more challenging and more fun.

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