An essay about search engines

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An essay about search engines

Build and maintain an index. Design a GUI such that a user can pose queries.

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Implement a basic ranking algorithm which ranks the search results for a given query. Improve the GUI by allowing more complicated user queries e. Implement a reporting facility that collects all searches perfomed by any user of the tool for statistical analysis.

Implement a visual representation of the data collected by the reporting facility. Development of Search Engine According to the criterion of ranking the results, the search engine could be classified as three generations Lina et al.

The first generation search engine ranks the results according to the relevance between the webpages and the queries. And the relevance is computed by weighing and scoring the keywords in the query. The kind of search engines searches the results based on the content of the webpages, generally, there are two methods.

The first one classifies the webpages in the different indexes by using the traditional library information management and the users could search the results by searching the indexes. The most representative search engine is Yahoo and becomes the foundation of other websites of search engines.

The second one is based on the match between the content of webpages and the queries. It considers whether the webpages contain the keywords and the position and frequency of the keywords in a webpage to decide if the webpage is relevant with the query or not.

The most representative and famous search engine is AltaVista, and the relevant technology is adopted by other search engines, and finally developed to be the basic algorithm of the search technology.

However, the first generation search engines has the obvious drawbacks, the first method promises the relevance, but it is not automatic, as a result, it is not convenient for the users to use the search engine.

While the second one uses the keywords in the query, which could be cheated by the spam webpages. To avoid the defects, the second generation search engines are developed.

Actually, the second generation search engines scores the importance of the webpage by whether it is clicked by the users and how long the users would like to spend in the webpage or the number of the in-hyperlinks in the webpage.

Sincethe researchers have started to use the method of the hyperlinks which is originated by the method of citation analysis. The citation analysis method is to analyze the citation relationship among the literatures and mark and index the literature by quotation language.

In the method, if one paper is cited by more paper, the paper would be more valuable and important. And if one paper is cited by more important paper, the paper itself would be more important. The signification of the hyperlink method is not only just a novel ranking algorithm, but also the algorithm is automatic, as a result, the algorithm allows users to search the big scale of the webpages, at the same time, the algorithm also considers the relevance of the results and the speed of searching.

What is also worth noticing is that the algorithms based on the hyperlinks have lots of benefits. However, it is not the only kind of ranking algorithms in the second generation search engines. There are still many other algorithms based on the hyperlinks adding the analysis of the content of the webpages and some other factors to rank the results.

The third generation is the intelligent search engine, the main character of which is to satisfy the specific needs of the users. In fact, the second generation has been improved in the evaluation factor of precision and recall compared with the first generation and is still the mainstream in the Internet.

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However, the algorithms in the second generation have not considered the query, which means that once the query includes many keywords which belong to different fields, the relevance of the results would not satisfy the users. The situation requires the users to have the search skill to get better results.

An essay about search engines

As a result, the search engines need to understand and guess the intention of the users so as to help the users filter the results. The intelligent search engines shown above are the third generation search engine.

Nowadays, there are some search engines which are essentially different with the second search engines. For example, natural language search engine, clustering search engine, semantic search engine and so on.

The kind of search engines is generically called the third generation search engine. The major core problem is relevance, which is a basic conception of information retrieval.

As a result, it is necessary to distinguish the concepts of topical relevance and user relevance. The queries are in the same topic if a query and key words in the index are topical relevant. For example, weather and snow are topical relevant.Search engine optimization: Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

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Search engines essay duck

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An essay about search engines

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Zicronapine synthesis essay Zicronapine synthesis. In summary, the present essay has consisted of a discussion of how a search engine works. Several topics have been addressed in this regard, including the history of the search engine, general functioning and key metrics, the physical location of search engine data, and a key implication for modern businesses.5/5(1).

Comparison of Search Engines: Altavista, Yahoo, and Excite Internet Exploration Project: Search Engine Analysis Introduction The use of search engines on the Internet is a very significant aspect towards attaining information ranging from research purposes, like stock quotes, to daily use such as the weather in your hometown.

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