A look inside a womans world essay

On a rare visit to the closed-off kingdom, we also wanted to know if there were any real signs of change. A few days after arriving in Riyadh, we visited the Starbucks near our hotel. We ordered our coffees and sat at a table outside in the sun. My producer, Erin Lyall, and I both wore head-to-toe black, and had covered our heads out of respect for local customs.

A look inside a womans world essay

AP English Literature & Composition: Boland's "It's a Woman's World" Sample Essays

Has this poem touched you? To this day I feel their jealousy, and they will never give me respect. I walk proud, and people like me. I'm successful, strong, I can make heads turn and keep people interested by my delightful personality.

However, I still see how certain men will not give someone like me the time of day since I don't look like "Barbie," but I find them to be lost, shallow people. When I think of these men and consider how my sisters treat me, I feel sad that they are empty like them.

A look inside a womans world essay

I recently heard this quote and find that it reminds me a little of this poem. Everyone with daughters should have this poem framed and given as a gift for their daughters to have and to hold and to go back to from time to time through life to remind them of their beauty and worth.

I loved this poem and will pass it along to my sister, nieces and great-niece and to all those beautiful ladies in my life that mean so much to me so they will always realize their unique beauty! Beauty of a woman is like a lump of gold which is hard to get. It's indeed captured from the inside, not outside, and this makes it very difficult for men to find, putting them in a complete bewilderment.


I believed early in life that I would not amount to much, stupid, fat and like water being soaked up in a sponge, I focused on the negative and not the positive. I had no spiritual being and my life was exposed to the material matters and outwardly appearances seemed to be what mattered most.

My parents wanted me to have the possessions they were not brought up with. As life proceeded, I never felt good about myself and I perceived myself as ugly, my hips and butt too large and I allowed the enemy of my soul to year by year haunt me and my self worth plummeted.

As I began to grow as a Young woman my lack of love for myself caused me to self-sabotage and run off good young men and gravitate to those who would berate me and belittle me. I further fell into a hole of depression, a butterfly indeed but a cocoon mind set.

Today, I realize at 43 my density is to be cognizant of my worth and to move forward with the beauty that God instilled in me.World CBS News goes inside Saudi Arabia.

Behind-the-scenes look at life for Saudi women. Share; Tweet Saudi women are also banned from driving, and need a male relative's permission to. In legislatures around the world, women are outnumbered 4 to 1, yet women's political participation is crucial for achieving gender equality and genuine democracy.

(Source) The World Economic Forum recently ranked the United States as 19th in the world on its gender gap index.

A look inside a womans world essay

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